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This section contains various downloads for the site. Including but not limited to: VPN Utilities, Whitepapers, Datasheets and Case Studies.

ANX Files (5 files)
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454 KB PC Connect for FTP PC Connect is our Free software for sending Transnet orders.
88 KB Airtex D-C Buyer Change Request Form ANX Airtex D-C Buyer Change Request Form
88 KB ANX Trading Partner Setup Form New Trading Partner Request form for Translink/Velocity/Ansinet
98 KB ANX Transnet New Customer Setup TRANSNET New Customer Implementation Request
91 KB TRANSNET Validation Form TRANSNET Validation Form

Case Studies (11 files)
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467 KB 7 Medical Systems Positive PRO Customer Success Story After evaluating several other VPN providers, 7 Medical chose Positive Networks to solve their VPN challenges. The PositivePRO™ service is an outsourced, monthly subscription that doesn’t require hardware. Found out why
558 KB Kleinfelder Positive PRO Customer Success Story Positive Networks and Kleinfelder Pair up to Make Management Solutions Easy
519 KB MLB Positive PRO Customer Success Story MLB hits opening day deadline thanks to PositivePro VPN service
534 KB Healthcare Case Study A nationwide provider of wellness healthcare for seniors utilizes ANX’s flexible GRC management solution, TruComply, to balance compliance and risk management to meet operational business objectives.
729 KB Pediatric Case Study A nationwide provider of pediatric care utilizes ANX’s comprehensive Security Index Assessment
793 KB Accept Credit Cards Accept Credit Cards (ACC), a division of Electronic Merchant Systems Inc., has been processing credit cards for businesses since 1988. A leader in the industry, ACC today serves approximately ten thousand merchants nationwide from its Alexandria, Virginia headquarters.
797 KB Discount Tire Case Study In 2007, Discount Tire undertook an IT compliance and risk management initiative with the goal of not only achieving, but continuously maintaining, full regulatory compliance. The company didn’t want just an assessment, but rather the creation of an IT knowledge base and focus that would make regulatory compliance a core business practice. It began seeking a knowledgeable partner who could help.
792 KB S&T Bank Case Study S&T Bank’s discussions with merchants revealed that they were overwhelmed and confused by the compliance process in general, and by the SAQ in particular. Bank management began investigating solutions, and a major criteria for evaluation was that the solution chosen would need to provide genuinely helpful assistance in an easy-to-use format.
834 KB American Axle Manufacturing Case Study A world leader in the design, engineering, testing, validation and manufacturing of driveline, drivetrain and chassis systems, related components, and metal formed products, American Axle and Manufacturing (AAM) is a multi-billion dollar company, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world. As a publicly traded, global business with 32 locations around the globe, AAM has complex compliance requirements: Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, the EU Data Privacy Directive, and ISO9001 to name a few. More importantly, as a key supplier to its clients’ just-in-time manufacturing processes, AAM cannot afford downtime and must minimize any availability risks to production IT systems.
255 KB Restaurant PCI Use Case

Datasheets (21 files)
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853 KB PPRO Awards and Accolades Rated "Best in Class" by Stratecast Partners and more
523 KB PositivePRO: Network Connector Network Connector is a quick software download that is installed on a Windows PC (workstation or server) on your LAN which will serve as the gateway for access to the corporate network.
767 KB PositivePRO: Managed Remote Access PositivePRO delivers the most comprehensive, effective and secure remote access services (VPNs) available, providing access from any location for end-users and branch offices.
568 KB PositivePRO: Policy Manager PositivePRO™ Policy Manager provides a complete framework for all the appropriate resources that end-users need, while administrators retain the control necessary for a secure enterprise.
571 KB PositivePRO: Private File Area The purpose of the PFA is to allow remote users an encrypted area on the local hard drive to safely and securely store any type of company confidential files.
767 KB PositivePRO: Remote Access Methods Multiple Access Methods
697 KB PositivePRO: Remote Print The PositivePRO RemotePrint service utilizes our proprietary RemotePrint Agent to enable your users and servers to print to any printer on the Internet.
561 KB PositivePRO: Site to Site Positive Networks offer a new, cost-effective approach to providing site-to-site connectivity and remote access that is secure, easy-to-use and requires no hardware.
775 KB PositivePRO: VPN Client The ANX PositivePRO VPN Client provides client-based remote access for end users.
545 KB PositivePRO: WebTop Browser Based Remote Access Solution Web-based SSL VPN access is now simple and secure.
219 KB ANX Healthcare Information Exchange Solution Overview of ANX' Healthcare Information Exchange Solution for clinical lab results providers
2.06 MB Overview of ANX Solutions Overview of ANX solutions and company value proposition.
871 KB CloudDefender Product Details CloudDefender product details sheet. Cloud UTM protection that works with an existing firewall to provide layered protection against today's content-based threats.
539 KB MedNX Managed Print Services Technical Brief The ANX MedNX™ system provides a complete end-to-end delivery system for diagnostic laboratories wishing to make use of modern result delivery systems, without making a large investment in data processing or communications equipment. The documents to be printed are delivered to the ANX secure network at any convenient node, and are then communicated to the remote site, printed and checked for status. The exact status of each print job is made available to the sender in a variety of ways so that complete and accurate proof of delivery is provided.
70 KB OfficeScreen Complete Datasheet Every company’s sensitive information is at real and constant risk of data theft. Sophisticated cyber criminals unleash millions of new threats each month, and network security experts consistently report that targeted attacks on enterprises have increased dramatically in both frequency and sophistication. Keeping ahead of the threat requires partnering with a proven provider of managed security services. That’s why so many companies rely on ANX to mitigate their risk of data theft.
87 KB Security Integration and Staff Augmentation Consulting Many enterprises cannot justify having the highest levels of security expertise in-house; that expertise is seldom needed on a day-to-day basis. High-level security expertise may be required only for on-time installations and occasional configurations, and as-needed to optimize the security environment for best performance. ANX Security Integration and Staff Augmentation can be the best means to acquiring expert security assistance as-needed and within budget.
158 KB Secure Cloud Gateway Datasheet
299 KB eLearning Data Sheet With human error as the leading cause of data breaches, employee education and security awareness are more important than ever. ANX provides cost-effective, turnkey training solutions that allow an organization to roll out a best practice program within days.
845 KB Managed Security for McKesson Pharmacies McKesson Point-of-Sale pharmacies improve information security and the risk of data breach by adding ANX provided managed security
685 KB SecurePCI Datasheet

JobPostings (0 files)
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Solution Briefs (53 files)
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114 KB Data Breach Protection for Acquiring Banks ANX Data Breach protection for Acquiring Banks and ISOs.
150 KB ANX Data Breach Protection for Merchants ANX Data Breach protection for retail merchants.
990 KB ANX Solutions ANX has a deep understanding of how to safeguard eCommerce from today’s threats. Our solutions help companies secure and exchange information, meet complex compliance requirements, and allow them to focus on what they do best... grow their business.
116 KB Data Breach Protection Program Overview ANX’s Data Breach Protection for Merchants protects merchants from the expense of forensic audits, card replacement costs, and fines that result from suspected or actual data breaches due to network hacking, skimming, and even physical losses resulting from employee dishonesty or third-party theft of computer or paper records.
818 KB eLearning Product Overview With human error as the leading cause of data breaches, education and security awareness are more important now than ever. Modifications to regulations and the ever growing additions to the list of compliance requirements only amplify to the issue. Great examples include compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA Security Rule, and FISMA, which all require security training.
1.13 MB TruAware Product Overview TruAware, a Web-based portal that allows you to dynamically manage and share corporate security policies and educate employees about the security issues that those policies address.
91 KB TruPCI Product Overview Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise organization, if your organization stores, processes, or transmits credit cardholder data, you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With credit and debit card theft at an all-time high, it is important that businesses take the appropriate measures to maintain compliance with the PCI DSS.
1002 KB PCI Compliance for Merchant Portfolios As cardholder data breaches escalate and card brands respond with increasing enforcement, the need for PCI DSS compliance is more pressing than ever – yet most Level 4 merchants remain at significant risk that can put them out of business. Merchant acquirers/ISOs, as the first-line providers of compliance tools and support, inevitably share responsibility for correcting this situation. Many have decided it’s best to assign that responsibility to an expert partner.
966 KB Merchant PCI Compliance Solution Brief Many independent retailers believe that their merchant bank or ISO covers them for PCI DSS compliance, but that’s not the case; any operation that handles credit card transactions is responsible for meeting its own PCI DSS requirements. Even those who do know this are often unsure whether they’re fully compliant. ANX removes the uncertainty and ensures full PCI DSS compliance with solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of independent merchants.
1007 KB Vendor Management Solution Brief Enterprises typically exchange information with multiple vendors, suppliers, and contractors in interchanges involving direct connections to the enterprise network. While the extended enterprise this represents has become essential to efficient operations, it also places enterprises at significant risk. In fact, Verizon’s 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report determined that 32% of all data breaches originate with business partners. That’s why regulatory compliance typically features a partner risk management component, and why enterprises increasingly seek professional assistance with compliance and risk management of their extended networks.
291 KB Cloud Defender Overview ANX’s CloudDefender™ protects against web and email malware including viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, and spam. CloudDefender’s cloud-based architecture delivers unsurpassed security utilizing existing hardware to minimize capital expenditures. Threats are evaluated in the ANX Security Cloud and blocked before ever reaching your users resulting in complete network protection.
682 KB EDI Solution Brief Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the method of choice for mission-critical communications with supply-chain partners. High availability is typically the primary concern, and is a potential issue with any EDI service built on a single value-added network (VAN). The unique ANX architecture eliminates this vulnerability, delivering the highest availability over multiple tier-1 VANs with industry-leading security and support.
1.06 MB Enterprise Compliance Management Solution Brief Virtually every enterprise that deals in sensitive data, and certainly every publicly traded company, must master a complex and expanding web of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements. “Compliance cost” is becoming a mainstream business term, with generally negative connotations – yet done properly, compliance management can be a cost-effective means to protecting business assets and value.
1.02 MB Sarbanes - Oxley Compliance Solution Brief For organizations of every size, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) represents a significant financial investment; while for shareholders and compliance agencies, it is a much needed method of ensuring financial transparency. And although an increasing number of organizations acknowledge the value of security and corporate governance that SOX tries to foster, most are overwhelmed by the requirements needed to be fully SOX compliant.
900 KB Healthcare Information Exchange Solution Brief The exchange of confidential patient information presents tremendous challenges to healthcare businesses and those challenges are growing rapidly with the transition to electronic medical records (EMRs). While security and regulatory compliance are major issues, there are also significant concerns in data management, interoperability, and data tracking / proof of delivery. That’s why hundreds of healthcare businesses rely on ANX to not only deal with information exchange, but to make it an operational advantage.
900 KB Healthcare Information Interfaces Solution Brief Healthcare information exchange is especially challenging due to the enormous variety of EMRs and endpoint devices. Networks can include any of over 300 EMR solutions with no standard interface, plus a tremendous variety of printers and fax machines. ANX ties them all together efficiently with a solution that unifies all interfacing within a cloud environment, regardless of endpoint technology.
115 KB Healthcare Security and Compliance Solution Brief Few industries rival healthcare in challenges of securing information and ensuring compliance. It’s not just the complexity of national and state healthcare regulations, but also the complexity of the healthcare information networks that route sensitive information among multiple endpoints. Protecting that information in storage and in transit while satisfying regulations requires vast and specialized expertise and technology. That’s why healthcare organizations coast-to-coast partner with ANX.
658 KB PositivePRO Product Overview ANX PositivePRO enables effective and secure virtual private networks (VPNs) that deliver rich remote access to authorized users anywhere in the world and on their platforms of choice. IT departments find PositivePRO simple to manage while end users appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of connections.
885 KB PositivePRO Automotive Product Overivew ANX PositivePRO enables effective and secure virtual private networks (VPNs) that deliver rich remote access to authorized users anywhere in the world, on their platforms of choice. IT departments find PositivePRO simple to manage while end users appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of connections. PositivePRO is at work today throughout the automotive industry, securely extending critical applications to branch offices, suppliers, partners, contractors, and remote employees and enabling the safe transfer of privileged orders, invoices, technical drawings, design specifications, and contracts.
914 KB Managed Risk and Compliance Services Overview With the ever-growing list of regulations governing sensitive data, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance has never been more important or more complex. ANX helps organizations meet these challenges with its TruComply software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. TruComply enables organizations to automate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes—significantly reducing cost while simultaneously improving visibility and decision-making.
62 KB Regulatory Analysis Service Overview Keeping up with your organization’s data security and privacy-related compliance obligations has never been more challenging. With the recent proliferation of state and federal laws, the average organization must comply with over 50 laws.
891 KB Secure Cloud Access Solution Brief ANX’s Secure Cloud AccessTM enables enterprise cloud providers to focus on providing the services their customers desire, rather than worry about security and hardware management issues. Virtual private clouds (VPCs) simplify implementation, provide secure connections across all endpoints, and enable service that can scale as needed to meet customer requirements.
891 KB Secure Cloud Access Solution Brief ANX’s Secure Cloud AccessTM enables enterprise cloud providers to focus on providing the services their customers desire, rather than worry about security and hardware management issues. Virtual private clouds (VPCs) simplify implementation, provide secure connections across all endpoints, and enable service that can scale as needed to meet customer requirements.
842 KB PositivePro Secure Remote Access for Healthcare ANX PositivePRO enables healthcare workers and partners to securely access information from anywhere in the world on their platforms of choice. The solution installs in minutes on existing equipment so there’s no VPN hardware to purchase.
1011 KB Application Security Consulting ANX delivers advanced Application Security Consulting to ensure that each Internet-facing application remains secure throughout its operational lifetime.
1011 KB Security Assessment Consulting ANX is a recognized leader in advanced information security, and extends its expertise to comprehensive Security Assessment Consulting that precisely identifies all vulnerabilities.
87 KB Risk Management Consulting Enterprises, healthcare businesses, and financial institutions must deal with complex sets of evolving data privacy rules and regulations. Optimum compliance requires a balance between satisfying regulators and satisfying shareholders. Maintaining that balance involves ongoing assessment and response. ANX Risk Management Consulting helps enable the right amount of protection at the right cost, with customizable consultation programs that can extend from pre-implementation throughout the risk management lifecycle.
494 KB IT GRC Solution Brief
575 KB TruComply Overview
924 KB Level 4 Merchant PCI Solution Brief
35 KB Policy Lifecycle Management
1002 KB PCI for Merchant Banks
1.74 MB Velocity Solution Brief
682 KB ANX EDI Solution Brief
565 KB PCI Compliance Solution Brief for QSRs PCI Compliance solution brief for restaurant owners
565 KB QSR PCI Compliance Solution Brief
821 KB SecurePCI for Pharmacies Solution Brief SecurePCI solution brief for Pharmacies
668 KB Direct Connect Solution Brief The WebDX|Direct Connect Solution Brief describes the benefits of ANX's Direct Connect solution including improved efficiency, speed and minimal capital investment.
1.64 MB ENX Managed Security Services Fact Sheet
544 KB MedNX Lab Report Delivery
813 KB SecurePCI with Data Breach Protection SecurePCI data sheet that highlights the problem of data breach and how SecurePCI helps protect against financial ruin.
1.03 MB WebDX Solution Brief WebDX, ANX’s web-based Trading Partner Enablement Portal allows clients to rapidly and efficiently enable trading partners who lack EDI capabilities — trading partners can use a user-friendly, intuitive portal to electronically exchange business documents. WebDX allows small and medium trading partners to efficiently receive and send EDI transactions. By utilizing WebDX to extend EDI usage to 100% of your supply chain, clients will further reduce the costs and errors associated with paper-based transactions.
703 KB SecurePCI for Restaurant Franchisors SecurePCI protects restaurant brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
688 KB SecurePCI for Restaurant Merchants SecurePCI protects restaurant owners from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
446 KB SecurePCI for Retail Franchisors SecurePCI protects retail brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
445 KB SecurePCI for Retail Merchants SecurePCI protects retail locations from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
595 KB SecurePCI for Hospitality Franchisors SecurePCI protects hospitality brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
580 KB SecurePCI for Hospitality Locations SecurePCI protects hospitality locations from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
540 KB SecurePCI for Grocery Franchisors SecurePCI protects grocery brands from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of data breach in the first place.
2.01 MB Security and Compliance Consulting Overview of the security and compliance consulting services offered by ANX.
143 KB PCI Compliance Consulting Overview of the PCI compliance consulting services offered by ANX.
292 KB Managed PLM Support Service Solution Brief
455 KB Managed PLM Services Solution Brief ANX has developed packaged solutions and services built around deep Automotive PLM expertise to augment your IT Engineering Organization. ANX Managed PLM Services allow you to reduce cost and improve quality and productivity with experienced professionals who can help you optimize your CAD/PLM environment. Our certified engineers leverage their in-depth knowledge of automotive PLM collaborative technologies and related OEM methodologies and best practices. Let ANX be your trusted global PLM collaboration partner to keep you aligned with OEM requirements and help you achieve your business objectives.

Whitepapers (14 files)
Size Title Description
0 Bytes Five Common VPN Security Mistakes Learn about the most common vpn security mistakes companies make when deploying and managing VPN and endpoint security solutions. The goal of this information is to help companies avoid costly errors and offer a hassle-free remote access solution for companies requiring VPN technology.
603 KB The Importance of Remote Access in Disaster Recovery Planning This paper provides key information on what IT departments need to consider in the event of an emergency, what disaster recovery options are available, and how a new breed of remote access is helping businesses make handling disaster recovery situations more manageable.
767 KB VPN Client or Browser-based SSL VPN: Getting the best of both worlds Contrary to popular belief, setting up a virtual private network (VPN) does not mean you must choose between a client-based VPN or a browser-based system.
656 KB Six Characteristics of an Effective Remote Access Solution Remote work is becoming a way of life for most companies, whether it's an employee working from home or from halfway across the country
784 KB Virtual Private Network Endpoint Security With PositivePRO, IT departments can be confident that their end users, and consequently their networks, are protected from viruses, spyware, network attacks, and un-patched computers.
632 KB Authentication and Remote Access Although often taken for granted, authentication is a central concern in a secure remote access system. Remote access is becoming an organizational imperative, and the trend of aggressive industry growth is unlikely to reverse itself soon. It falls to the IT department to implement a well-developed authentication plan and to implement it, both in technical systems and in organizational policies and procedures.
1.06 MB Managed VPN Service Presents Affordable Advantages over Traditional Appliance Offerings Positive Networks keep businesses from being boxed in by traditional in-house VPN offerings that require substantial budget, both upfront and ongoing, and IT manpower for maintenance. Using PositivePro, IT administrators can automatically update VPN technologies, support thousands, and protect a growing number of clients – with an outsourced and scalable solution. PositivePRO enables employees to be productive while working remotely in a secure environment with fewer headaches, costs and unforeseen roadblocks
699 KB Healthcare Remote Access Solution As healthcare workers face greater time demands, the ability to work beyond hospital walls is a critical factor in increasing productivity and improving patient care.
630 KB PPRO Remote Acccess Healthcare Solution Leading Healthcare Software & Remote Access Technology Combine to Allow Healthcare Professionals Access to Critical Patient Information
603 KB The Durable Business Benefits of Security-as-a-Service Learn about the many benefits of security-as-a-service over traditional do-it-yourself approaches.
57 KB Red Flag Rules Pre Assessment Checklist Red Flag Rules Pre Assessment Checklist - This document is in relation to the Blog Post of the same name.
266 KB Top 10 Security Issues Our 'Security Top 10 for 2010' provides a summary of what we've found to be among the most crucial areas for attention and action by security professionals in protecting their businesses, their data and their customers.
1011 KB Audit of Information Technology Security Included in Health Information Technology Standards Department of Health & Human Services: Audit of Information Technology Security Included in Health Information Technology Standards
442 KB Nationwide Rollup Review of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services HIPAA Oversight Department of Health & Human Services: Nationwide Rollup Review of the Centers for medicare & Medicaid Services Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Oversight