Enabling Automotive Partner Communities

The world's only multi-provider virtual private network (VPN), the ANX Network is a premium data network designed to support an entities' most mission-critical business data and processes, such as financial information, product development and design materials, and business-critical applications. Enabling Automotive Partner Communities By combining a patented network architecture from Telcordia Technologies with the most advanced telecommunications and network management technologies from some of the world's leading network companies — AT&T, Verizon Business, Cisco, Nokia — the ANX Network delivers reliable performance, complete accountability and highly secure communications.  ANX community members exchange information using a secure, private infrastructure that’s not vulnerable to threats originating from the Public Internet. And this secure collaboration community greatly expanded in 2010.  ANX interconnected with the European Network Exchange (ENX) which enables over 1,600 members of these communities to easily establish secure, private connections with each other.

ANX is the trusted provider of secure network services to hundreds of companies in the automobile industry.  We’re known for passionate support and ability to make it easy to connect to trading partners. Our experienced and highly-trained engineering team offer network architecture design resources making ANX a "one stop shopping" experience for customers.  ANX customers appreciate our end-to-end onboarding approach, premium SLAs, and 24 x 7 x 365 support.  ANX enjoys a customer satisfaction ranking that exceeds 95%. 

ANX also offers complementary services such as managed security, software-as-a-service compliance management tools, and cloud-based remote connectivity solutions specialized for the automotive industry.