Achieving PCI Compliance Simply and Affordably

“A compromise of our credit card data would be catastrophic. The amount of time, energy, and effort it would take to pay back the fine and fees, then to re-create the trust of our customers would be astronomical. We're talking a substantial amount of dollars. From that perspective, our ANX PCI Pro is one of the most valuable investments we've made.” VP, Melting Pot

Ensuring PCI compliance throughout a restaurant chain is not just an obligation; it’s sound business practice. Restaurants are a favorite target of hackers, who stole credit card data from roughly 2,000 restaurants in 2009 alone. In over half these instances, the attack caused severe business disruption or complete business loss. As perpetrators are rarely caught, prevention is key – and ANX offers a PCI compliance & security solution designed specifically to protect restaurant chains.

Restaurant Use Case