Objective Third Party Compliance Assessments

Business Objectives Met:

Service Description

Whether you are evaluating your organization against a regulatory standard for the first time or seeking third-party confirmation of an already mature program, ANX can help. ANX's team of experienced security professionals has assisted hundreds of companies in achieving compliance against leading security standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. Our consulting team does not stop with delivering a thorough evaluation of your current compliance status. They also propose practical remediation strategies to close policy, operational, and technical gaps.

All of ANX's assessment services are supported by our unique ARX-S methodology—a proven, proactive approach to security, focused on helping organizations measure the effectiveness of their security resources and investments.

Finally, by leveraging TruComply, an easy-to-use IT governance, risk and compliance application, ANX consultants can effectively evaluate highly complex organizations against multiple compliance standards at a time. In addition to producing a more thorough, repeatable assessment, TruComply also enables clients to track remediation projects to fruition, producing real-time tracking reports to show compliance status and real-world risk reduction.


Whether you are a national retailer or a regional restaurant franchisee, ANX can help your organization address the twin challenges of achieving and maintaining compliance through a unique combination of consulting and software-as-a-service tools.

ANX consultants are leaders in the payments industry, going back to 2002 when the VISA USA Cardholder Information Security Program was established. ANX consultants understand the payments standards as they exist today, and are shaping future versions through their active participation in the PCI Security Standards Council. In addition to our experienced consulting team, ANX clients are able to perform assessments and track ongoing remediation projects and recurring PCI DSS tasks through TruPCI, the PCI module of TruComply.

Achieve PCI DSS Compliance

Achieving PCI DSS compliance often requires that you get more from your assessor than just an audit. Rather than providing just an audit service, ANX begins by helping your organization understand—and whenever possible MINIMIZE—the scope of PCI compliance in your environment.

Once the scope is defined, our PCI gap analysis quantifies your current status in a comprehensive, qualitative way and provides a mitigation road map that prioritizes and details a specific strategy for addressing any areas of non-compliance.

Relying on our years of security experience in combination with our thorough understanding of the PCI Standard, we also provide compliance consulting and mitigation assistance throughout the compliance lifecycle, including your ultimate Report on Compliance.

Maintain PCI DSS Compliance

Once an organization has achieved compliance, the challenge shifts to maintaining compliance. To sustain compliance organizations have to execute mandated compliance tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. In addition, they must archive compliance evidence to prove that they have maintained compliance throughout the year.

ANX clients leverage TruComply's TruPCI module to manage ongoing compliance efforts and receive support from ANX's consulting team. Through TruPCI, clients can generate new assessments, track remediation projects, run updated assessment reports, track recurring compliance tasks required to maintain compliance, and archive compliance evidence.

By adopting a lifecycle approach, ANX helps you achieve your compliance goals in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


ANX has vast experience in the healthcare industry. Because healthcare clients are very important to us, we have sought the best, most knowledgeable resources to deliver our services. In addition, ANX has spent substantial time helping drive many leading healthcare initiatives, regulations and standards. Our experts in the healthcare industry have:

At ANX we understand that healthcare is different. We understand patient care is your primary mission, and all services need to be in support of this vital community support mechanism. ANX risk and compliance assessments are designed to take into account all the requirements that a healthcare organization faces, from HIPAA Privacy and Security, to HITECH, to the PCI DSS. We can either help an organization understand its gaps against a single standard or perform an enterprise assessment that takes into account all the regulations which impact the organization and what controls need to be in place within different segments of the environment.